Legal information
General conditions of use


Legal information

The protected Web site enables
employees of French companies to seek advice and carry out certain secure transactions online on corporate savings accounts for which Amundi Tenue de Comptes provides account management in the area of savings from employee wages

Conditions of Access and Use

1. Amundi Tenue de Comptes is a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Asset Management, a portfolio management company approved by the AMF under the number GP 9823, whose headquarters are located at 90 bd Pasteur 75015 PARIS.

Any person interested in the corporate savings services and/or products offered by Amundi Tenue de Comptes can ask to receive information about these products and/or services, subject to ensuring, under his sole responsibility, that no law from his country of origin or any other country applicable to him prohibits him access and/or subscription. In such circumstances, Amundi Tenue de Comptes would be justified in refusing to supply these products or services to this person.

2. Information contained on the site does not in any way constitute an offer of products and/or services, nor an offer and/or recommendation and/or an invitation to purchase or sell OPCVM (open-ended mutual funds) products or any other management, corporate savings, insurance, investment product from Amundi Tenue de Comptes or Crédit Agricole Asset Management. Consequently, any subscription to a product or service can only be made as part of a contractual agreement having been the subject of prior acceptance according to each individual case by Crédit Agricole Asset Management or Amundi Tenue de Comptes.

3. The information presented specifically concerning employees of client companies of Amundi Tenue de Comptes must be considered in light of the contractual options chosen by the said companies.

General Warning

1. The site is not intended to provide advice on asset management, nor to provide advice to companies.

2. Prior to any request for information on corporate savings products and/or services, persons or companies interested must, under their own responsibility, ascertain the consequences of the planned transaction, in particular concerning tax, on their own behalf as well as on behalf of their employees if applicable.

3. The data and opinions given should not be understood as involving the liability of their authors nor Amundi Tenue de Comptes. Furthermore, certain information is given for information purposes only and is supplied by service providers, independent of Amundi Tenue de Comptes.

4. In any case the information, financial data, opinions, advice and recommendations available on this site have no other purpose than to support the investment decision, over which the user retains full control, and must under no circumstances be interpreted as an encouragement to invest, sell or otherwise trade in management or investment products or services.

5. Consequently, the user acknowledges that this information is used under his sole responsibility.

6. The user is reminded that past performance is no guarantee of future performance and that prior to making any transaction he should obtain any advice and information useful for making his decision, in particular, of a financial, legal and tax nature, from any authorised consultant of his choice in order to ascertain the suitability of the planned transaction and his personal circumstances, particularly concerning assets and tax.

In more general terms and before making any transaction, it is recommended that the user gathers all the information beforehand which is useful for making his decision, particularly in relation to the availability of the services and/or products concerned, their terms and conditions, particularly of a financial nature, their tax implications, their suitability to his needs, etc.

Moreover, the user is reminded that any investment in an OPCVM must be carried out with prior knowledge of the current regulations from the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (French Securities Regulator): articles or regulations, and certainly the prospectus which is available on the site.

Technical Facilities

1. This site allows employees of client companies to consult their employee savings account and to carry out transactions in a secure and confidential way by using the CERT system and by allocating personal and confidential codes.

Therefore, access to the site by employees and client companies of Amundi Tenue de Comptes is possible with a personal and confidential number which is allocated to them.

2. Orders are authenticated using this system.

Technical Warning

1. Before using the service, users should contact their Internet service provider in order to ensure that their browser allows access, in a secure configuration, to the Website.

2. Similarly, before any use, the user should ensure that hypertext pages used are up to date, after having cleared his cache or checked that his proxy server is in working order.

3. The Website user confirms that he has checked that the computer configuration used by him to access the site does not contain any viruses and is in good working order.

4. The user acknowledges that he is aware that the Website is accessible round-the-clock, seven days a week, except in cases of force majeure, computer failure, difficulties linked to the structure of the telecommunication network or other technical difficulties. The Website will be temporarily unavailable during maintenance.

5. Information contained on the site originates from documents considered to be reliable and is regularly updated. However, Amundi Tenue de Comptes cannot guarantee that its input on the site is free from the risk of material error. Although Amundi Tenue de Comptes undertakes to correct any such error when it is brought to its attention, it disclaims any liability in respect of any decision taken and any transaction made on the basis of the site and/or information disclosed on the site.

Information by name: Computers and Liberties Law of 6 January 1978

This site has submitted a declaration to CNIL (French Data Protection Authority).

> Data relating to users:

1. Amundi Tenue de Comptes does not collect any personal data relating to persons who connect to this site without their prior agreement, with the exception of connection data processed via JAVA servlets which identify the visitor during connection.

2. Information provided by users to Amundi Tenue de Comptes during requests via the online form is intended for Amundi Tenue de Comptes, for its partners involved in the management of employee savings and retirement savings products and/or services, as well as for its service providers. Accordingly, this information will only be given to third parties in order to process requests and manage transactions or to comply with legal obligations.

3. Information which is requested from you on this site is obligatory for processing your request.

> Users' Rights:

Persons who give personal data to Amundi Tenue de Comptes via this site are informed that they have a right to access, rectify and remove personal data concerning them from Amundi Tenue de Comptes (, or by letter to the following address:
Amundi Tenue de Comptes,
Immeuble Le Vercors, 13/15 avenue de la Gare - Alixan
26956 Valence Cedex 9 - France

Intellectual Property Right

1. The site is a protected work in the form of intellectual property. This protection encompasses the general structure of the site, and data featuring on it such as trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, texts, animated images or non-animated images, and all other elements making up this site.

2. No reproduction of this site or any of these elements, in whole or in part, is allowed without the express prior written authorisation of Amundi Tenue de Comptes or of the holder of rights to the data presented.

3. Any representation or reproduction of this site, by any process whatsoever or, more generally, any non-authorised use of this site involves the user's liability and can lead to legal proceedings, particularly for infringement of copyright.


Amundi Tenue de Comptes disclaims any liability in connection with hypertext links which exist on the Website leading to other resources available on the Internet, particularly any liability with regard to the contents of other direct or indirect resources.

Amundi Tenue de Comptes will have no liability in connection with hyperlinks which might point to this site and prohibits any person from creating such a link without its express prior written authorisation.

Information may be temporarily stored in a memory or on a hard drive (cookies). The Internet user authorises this practice by CAAM - exclusively intended to optimise browsing this site.

User Commitment

The user acknowledges that he has read this legal notice in its entirety and agrees to abide by its contents.

Law and Site Language

This site exists under French law, is governed by French law and uses French as its official language.

Site Editor:

Amundi Tenue de Comptes

Limited liability company with a board of directors and a supervisory board, with a capital of 24,000,000 euros
Identification Number: Paris Trade Register B 433 221 074
Financial company approved by the Credit and Investment Institution Committee (CECEI)

Insurance brokerage company
Headquarters: 90 bd Pasteur 75015 PARIS
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Andrew Watson
Publication Director: Andrew Watson


General conditions of use of the website, of telephone service and the Minitel server.

ARTICLE 1 - Purpose

The purpose of these general conditions is to define the methods of accessing the secure services on the website (the "Site"), the telephone service (the "Services") and the conditions relating to their use.

The Services are reserved for employees, directors and company representatives, the spouses of employees or associates of company directors, retired employees and employees that have taken early retirement when they pay into a company save-as-you-earn scheme, the savings of which are held by Amundi Tenue de Comptes, the custody account keeper, referred to hereafter as the "Savers".

Amundi Tenue de Comptes, a general partnership with a capital of € 24,000,000, registered on the Paris Register of Trade and Companies under the number 433 221 074, with its registered office at 90 boulevard Pasteur, 75015 Paris, is a credit institution incorporated in accordance with French law, governed by the Monetary and Financial Code and approved by the Credit Institution and Investment Company Committee, the address of which is as follows:

Direction des établissements de crédit et des entreprises et des entreprises d'investissement (CECEI) 31 rue Croix-des-petits-champs – 75 001 Paris (postal address: banque de France – 40-1355 CECEI – 75049 Paris Cedex 01.

Amundi Tenue de Comptes is registered with the banking commission of the "Association Française des Sociétés Financières" (ASF) and is a member of the Association Française des Etablissements de Crédit et des Entreprises d'Investissement (AFECEI).

Postal address: Immeuble Le Vercors, 13/15 avenue de la Gare - Alixan - 26956 Valence Cedex 9 - France


Individual intra-community VAT number FR 04433221074.

These general conditions must be accepted by Savers. Acceptance will be given as follows:

Savers acknowledge that they have been informed of the general conditions relating to the use of the services by clicking the button I agree to the general conditions that appears at the end of these general conditions on the Site. By using these Services, Savers acknowledge that they agree to the terms and conditions relating to use and proof.

In the same way, Savers acknowledge that they have been informed of the legal information that appears on the Site.

There is no reflection period; Savers may stop using the Services at any time at no cost in accordance with the provisions of article 12.

ARTICLE 2 - Conditions for access

In order to be able to access the Services, Savers will receive an account number and a temporary password, which will be up to them to change when they first log on to save their chosen password (the "Access data"). Access data is strictly confidential and Savers should take any necessary precautions to maintain confidentiality.

As a result, they undertake that Access data will be kept secret.

Amundi Tenue de Comptes will not incur any liability in the event of fraudulent or abusive use or in the event of the voluntary or involuntary disclosure to any third party of Access Data entrusted to a Saver.

As a result, any transactions completed following an order sent by Amundi Tenue de Comptes's services using the Access Data will be, in all cases, definitively attributed to the Saver, which is acknowledged herein.

Savers will be responsible towards Amundi Tenue de Comptes for any financial consequences that Amundi Tenue de Comptes may bear as a result of fraudulent or abusive use or the involuntary or voluntary disclosure of access data by a Saver.

Savers may disable the functions for using Access Data by simply calling the number for the telephone service shown on the site and on account statements.

The functions in question may only be re-commissioned once Amundi Tenue de Comptes has received written instruction from the Saver.

If a password has been lost or forgotten, a Saver may ask to be given a new password via the telephone service or by post.

In the event that the functions in question are re-commissioned or if a new password is requested, a temporary new password will be sent to the Saver in writing.

Savers may change their password on-line at any time.

In addition, Amundi Tenue de Comptes reserves the right to suspend a Saver's access to the Services, without any notice, in the event that the Access Data is entered incorrectly three times or in the event of a Saver's non-compliance with any of his obligations under these general conditions.

ARTICLE 3 - Functionality of the Services

3.1 – Web and Telephone services

Savers are able to carry out the following transactions using the Services:

On the Site, in particular:
- View assets and transactions,
- One-off payments and scheduled payments,
- Change the investments selected (transfers, arbitrage),
- Redeem available assets or assets that are due to expire within three months.

Using the telephone service, in particular:
- View assets,

- Allocate any investments selected,
- Redeem any available assets.

The transactions referred to above may be carried out according to the methods provided for in the save-as-you-earn scheme(s) that the Saver pays into.

3.2 – Your E-ServicesSubscription

Since the Company has expressly registered for this method of communication with Amundi Tenue de Comptes, the beneficiaries of save-as-you-earn scheme(s) who have agreed to these General Conditions of Use and who hold personal and confidential Access Data as a result may subscribe to one or more data communication services offered by Amundi Tenue de Comptes.

The description of the data communication services< offered by Amundi Tenue de Comptes appears in the General Conditions for subscribing to information e-services Your Amundi Tenue de Comptes e-services appearing on pageYour e-services, Subscription section.

The subscription procedure includes various stages described below which enable the necessary information for carrying out the data communication services to be provided, the General Conditions for subscribing to information e-services to be read and agreed to and all the information to be checked so that any corrections may be made.

To subscribe, Savers should follow the stages below:

From the Home Page on the secure area of the site which Savers can access once they have entered their Access Data, on the page Your E-Services, in the section Subscription, a Saver must enter his or her email address and/or mobile phone number before confirming the entry. Savers should then click the general conditions for subscribing to information e-services link to read the general conditions for subscription and click Return at the bottom of the page to agree to the general conditions by clicking the box £ I agree to the general conditions for subscription. Savers should then click the button « I subscribe ». The Saver is then directed to a summary page; if the Saver notices a mistake or would like to change any data, he should click the section Your personal information. The change will be effective immediately. Should he change his mind, a Saver may unsubscribe at no cost immediately or at any time in the Subscription section by clicking the button I unsubscribe.

The methods that Savers may use to terminate their subscription appear in article 10 of the General Conditions for Subscription on the Subscription page.

ARTICLE 4 - Signature and recording of orders placed via the Services

The records made by Amundi Tenue de Comptes, when receiving instructions or reproducing them either electronically or as hard copies, constitute proof of such instructions for both Amundi Tenue de Comptes and the Saver and evidence that the Saver is responsible for such instructions.

No claim will be admissible for the transactions made after three months following the performance of the transaction by Amundi Tenue de Comptes.

Having sent an order via the Services, a Saver may wish to cancel that order; such cancellation should, however, be exceptional and may only commit Amundi Tenue de Comptes within the context of an obligation of resources.
As a result, the cancellation of a request is never guaranteed.

In the event of a conflict between the orders placed via the Services, the last order to be placed and saved will take priority over the others.

It is the Saver's sole responsibility to take any necessary precautions to avoid an order being performed twice.

When a call centre agent is contacted, a Saver may be asked for his name, first name and his account numbers.

Savers acknowledge that the consideration of any order is not the same as running the order, which will only be effective when the order has been checked and executed by Amundi Tenue de Comptes.

ARTICLE 5 – Liability

Amundi Tenue de Comptes should ensure that any electronic media, on which the data sent to Amundi Tenue de Comptes is stored, is adequately protected.

Amundi Tenue de Comptes undertakes to do its best to ensure and to maintain the integrity and the security of the Secure Area and the Site.

Amundi Tenue de Comptes may not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, such as financial loss, loss of data, viruses, bugs, loss due to an error or information that has been viewed or downloaded onto the Site or loss or lack of earnings on any order.

Amundi Tenue de Comptes may also not be held responsible in the event of a Saver's incorrect use of the Services, in the event of the unavailability of the Services and in general, in the event of any disruption, which may result in problems in relation to the operation of the Services (irrespective of whether this involves a case of force majeure, problems relating to the structure of the telecommunications network or technical problems, maintenance period or failure period).

ARTICLE 6 - Suspension of the Services - Malfunctions

The functions offered by the Services may be accessed by Amundi Tenue de Comptes at any time.

In the event that one or all of the services are suspended or are malfunctioning for any reason, Savers are still able to contact Amundi Tenue de Comptes, in particular by post, to carry out a transaction.

Amundi Tenue de Comptes is not responsible for the consequences of any suspension to the Services but undertakes to do its best to avoid any delay in the performance of the Services which may be damaging to Savers.

Savers noticing any malfunctioning or unavailability may contact Amundi Tenue de Comptes by email at the following address:

ARTICLE 7 - Charges for the service

Access to the Site and to the telephone service is free of charge. With regard to the telephone service, the Saver will pay for the cost of the telephone call (€0.225/min or €0.336/min depending on the telephone number supplied by Amundi Tenue de Comptes) which he will be invoiced for directly by his telephone network operator. The cost of communicating with the Site will be borne by the Saver according to his own means of accessing the internet.

Amundi Tenue de Comptes reserves the right to subsequently invoice for access to additional Services. In such a case, the Saver will be informed of the applicable price in writing (by data transmission or a simple letter) three (3) months before the date that the price will be effective.
If the Saver expressly accepts the price within this period according to the procedure stated by Amundi Tenue de Comptes, the new terms of use will apply, it being recalled that the Saver is entitled to stop using the Services at any time.

In the event that chargeable services are added, if the Saver does not agree to receive the additional chargeable services within the three (3) month period, he will continue to receive the free services defined in these general conditions from the time that they were agreed to.

The transactions made using the Services will be invoiced in accordance with the price list sent, at no additional cost.

ARTICLE 8 - Information

Information sent via the Services, including within the scope of subscribing to data communication services is intended to be without any errors or omissions and is subject to current transactions. The entries to which a Saver has access may be temporary. Only account statements drawn up by Amundi Tenue de Comptes from its own records are authentic.

The Services will not issue any advice with regard to whether any investments or disinvestments considered by a Saver are well-founded or any other form of advice which may determine a Saver's choice.

Any financial and fiscal information is given for illustrative purposes only. A Saver is free to determine the choice of his investments and the resulting transactions in accordance with the rules on save-as-you-earn schemes and any specific provisions in plans or agreements that are set up within the company and apply.

It is specified that if the Saver subscribes to data communication services, the information entered during the subscription process will replace any information sent to Amundi Tenue de Comptes previously if the information is different.

ARTICLE 9 - Confidentiality

Amundi Tenue de Comptes is bound by an obligation of professional confidentiality. This legal obligation is passed on to its employees who must not disclose any personal or confidential information they may become aware of. However, where provided for by law, professional confidentiality to which Amundi Tenue de Comptes is subject as a lending institution, may not be cited against any legally authorised administrative or judicial authorities. All measures have been taken to ensure the confidentiality of the information sent.

In order to preserve banking secrecy, the Saver will use all the security methods (secret code, message clearing, etc.) that telephones and computers offer to safeguard the confidentiality of any messages received.

However, it is specified that Amundi Tenue de Comptes is not responsible for transporting information to networks.

Any personal information collected via the Services will be processed by Amundi Tenue de Comptes with a view to ensuring the performance of the services carried out within the context of the telephone service and the website functionalities and as a result, will solely be used to manage products and/or services relating to save-as-you-earn and pension schemes.

In accordance with the law of 6 January 1978 on data processing, data files and freedom, a Saver has the right to access, correct and remove any information concerning him. A Saver may exercise this right by sending an email to the following address: or by post to : Amundi Tenue de Comptes - Service Contrôle Interne et Conformité - Immeuble Le Vercors, 13/15 avenue de la Gare - Alixan - 26956 Valence Cedex 9 - France

ARTICLE 10 - Amendments to the agreement

The Services may be supplemented or changed at any time, in particular in accordance with any technological developments or any regulations in force. As a result, considering in particular, the possible extensions and improvements to the service, the provisions in these general conditions may be changed.

The version of the general conditions for using the Services in force may be viewed on-line at any time. A Saver may access it by clicking the "legal information" section on the Site.

Savers will be informed of any changes to the general conditions (excluding prices) by post or on-line, one (1) month before they become effective. If a Saver continues to use the Services after the time frame stated above, he will be considered to have agreed to the changes.

Information on the changes will be given via a message on the Site.

ARTICLE 11 - Anti-money laundering

With regard to the legal obligations imposed upon Amundi Tenue de Comptes within the scope of anti-money laundering measures, as defined in article 324-1 of the Penal Code, the Saver confirms that none of the amounts that he has paid to the save-as-you-earn scheme are the direct or the indirect product of a crime or misdemeanour.

The checks that Amundi Tenue de Comptes is bound to make under regulations on anti-money laundering and terrorism and particularly with regard to moving capital across borders may lead Amundi Tenue de Comptes to suspend any transaction.

ARTICLE 12 – Duration - termination

These general conditions relating to the use of the Services have been concluded for an unspecified duration.

As Savers retain the ability to carry out transactions by post, they may stop using the Services at any time, without giving any notice and at no expense.

Amundi Tenue de Comptes may cease to provide the Services at any time, giving one month's notice.

Amundi Tenue de Comptes may immediately suspend access to the Services without any notice, in particular in the event of breach of confidentiality regarding access codes or for failure to comply with these general conditions of use in general.

Access to the Services may also be terminated in the event that the account holder agreement is terminated by the Company (particularly in the event of a change in account holder) or in the event that the Saver's account is closed.

ARTICLE 13 – Applicable law - Language

These general conditions are subject to French law.

These general conditions have been drawn up in French and will subsequently be translated into other languages. Only the French version will be authentic in the event of any differences in interpretation.

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